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Shades Of Inspiration Receives Grant

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Local breast cancer support group Shades of Inspiration, Inc. has received a grant from the Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation. The grant allows the all-volunteer group to support women diagnosed with breast cancer, with care packages designed by breast cancer survivors, meals and shopping, assistance with house cleaning, rides to and support during medical care appointments and mammograms and emotional and psychosocial support.

“Our initial contact includes an in-person or private meeting with a Shades of Inspiration volunteer who provides the patient with our care package,” said Katrina DeLee, president. “We also support women throughout their journey with wellness checks from our volunteers, personal phone calls and virtual meetings, group virtual meetings and thoughtful mailings to patients we know need inspiration.”

The Shades of Inspiration support group meets the second Wednesday of every month, currently by Zoom. Anyone wishing to participate in the meetings can email or call the organization at or 315-863-3155 for calls or text. More information can be found at

The Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation strives to enrich the lives of kids in need within the Central New York community, as well as provide support for eliminating cancer through research and advocacy. The foundation is committed to assisting organizations in need of funding to support innovative and creative projects and/or programs

New Support Group Forms in Syracuse

Article written by Susan G. Komen

"Pink in Print" Volume 8, Number 2, Spring 2013 Edition

A diverse group of breast cancer survivors formed Shades of Inspiration.  After discussing the need for support while dealing with breast cancer, the women realized the importance of reaching out to others and making themselves available in the community to help other women through their journeys.  They have the passion and desire to support other women through some of the social, emotional, and psychological aspects of thier diagnoses and empower them to cope with the often overwhelming realities.


Shades of Inspiration will provide individual, family and group support.  A member of the group will accompany patients to physicians' appointments, run errands, provide social, emotional and psycholocgical support.  They are here to listen, encourage, and help women navigate through the medical process.


Shades of Inspiration seeks to educate women about the various stages of breast cancer.  The group believes in coming together in fellowship to share personal stories, laugh, explore, and assist each other as needed.  To contact Shades of Inspiration, Inc. Call (315)863-3155 or email

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