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Shades of Inspiration Inc. provides individual, family, and group support to those diagnosed with breast cancer. We can attend physician appointments, run errands, and provide social, emotional, and psychological support. We are here to listen, encourage and help you navigate the medical process. We seek to educate women about the various stages of breast cancer. We believe in coming together in fellowship to share personal stories, laugh, explore, and be available to help each other in our journeys to overcome this disease.

We are Shades of Inspiration, we are here to inspire.

Our support and love you’re sure to admire.

We symbolize our hands by holding each other.

Our strength and courage will last forever.

The shame and sorrow has ceased to exist.

Unity and power  is how this was fixed.

We no longer hide, we know who we are.

Knowledge and dignity have brought us this far.

The Spirit so great,  just leading the way.

It lessens the pain on a rainy day.

And although we don’t always have the answer.

We strengthen the fight against Breast Cancer.

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